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Alexander Young

Post by Alexander Young on Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:24 pm

Name: Alexander Young

Age: 23 years old

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 135lbs

Occupation: Professional Surfer

Power: Water Manipulation

Drawback: Loss Of Sight (Could Become Permanent)

Bio: Alex grew up in California enjoying the hot weather, and the surf his parents were both accountants for some company which for Alex got him anything he could ever want as a kid. A big house, toys, games, best schooling available, he could have anything money could buy, but he didn’t have any friends when he went out he went out alone, no one surfed with him, and no one came over after school to hang out. His parents tried to set him up with play dates but he didn’t want his parents to have to buy his friends he wanted to make them himself.

When He was fifteen he was walking next to his pool when he tripped over a bottle of beer his parents forgot to pick up the night before and he fell into the pool but when he fell there was no water to catch him and he hit the bottom of the shallow end, the water had moved around him. His back hurt but he was in amazement at what had happened as he moved his arms the water seemed to flow following where he moved his arm laughing he played with the water till his vision started to get blurry and he panicked. As he panicked the water fell on top of him and completely soaked his clothes climbing out of the pool his vision returned to normal and he went upstairs to change. He did not tell his parents about the water moving but he told them he did fall in the pool to explain why his cellphone was broken.

As he continued to grow he kept trying to use this power whenever his parents weren’t home he would practice on the pool water, where eventually he could walk on it he later introduced his power to his surfing as he used his power he found out that it came with a price his vision would slowly disappear the more he used it but he could feel the water under him so as long as he was surfing he didn’t need to see. He used his power to enter competitions where he took first prize every time he instantly became famous in the world of surfing being called “The Maverick”. His parents were proud and had no idea how he became so good at surfing he got brand names wanting him to sport their gear and he did accumulating his own money to use for whatever he wanted. When he turned twenty he began to travel the world using the money he had to live on the road for a while it has been three years since he left home.

Alexander Young

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